Pocket Trader is a learning and simulation suite of financial analytical tools combined with useful social features. Get immediate feedback from your peers on your latest trade idea. Take part in the discussion channels with other traders who might share or oppose your views.

Pocket Trader allows users to paper trade with virtual money. Your personal capital is not at risk. The trading services offered within the app and the information that is made available to you, including financial market data and quotes, are for simulation, educational and entertainment purposes only. Information contained within the application does not constitute financial advice and we do not guarantee its accuracy or reliability.


Using the latest VR technologies, our clients can freely navigate and interact in stunning 3D environments of real estate that are currently being developed in the real world; as well several other applications.



2018 - Los Angeles, US

We were commissioned by the largest luxury real estate developer in the US. Our brief was to create a highly realistic…


360 Panorama

2018 - New York, US

A world famous auctioneer contacted us to add pizzazz to their market listing and create a 360 degree 3D panorama…



2018, Los Angeles, US

A sister building to the other Los Angeles property development, this project was similar in scope but was conceptually…